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Internet Connection

The following FAQs are related to problem establishing the internet connection:

Q. Could not establish a dial in connection, check your password and try again.

Re-type your username and password making sure it is in the correct letter casing. If you have tried unsuccessively 3 times consecutively, your account maybe locked for security reasons. In this case give our Help Desk a call to have your account unlocked.
Incorrectly typed usernames and/or passwords are by far the most common cause.
If you have an overdue account you account maybe locked pending payment, call our office to check.

Q. The Connection drops out every 5 - 10 minutes

Make sure there are NO TELSTRA touch phones connected, even on other ports. Power surges and incoming phone calls knock off your modem. Check Dialler, Network and Modem settings.

Q. The modem isn't making a connection to phone line or number

Check the modem number you are dialling against the numbers on the "Dial-Up Settings" page. Also Make sure you dont have call waiting selected in dialling properties.

Q. Modem is in use by another dial-up networking connection

Check that no fax software is running in the background. Check your modem and dialler settings

Q. Information in the dial-up registry is corrupt

The Windows tool, Dial-up Networking, was not correctly installed. Call your closest client support number for advice on re-installing Dial-up Networking.

Q. No Dial Tone

Make sure there are no phones plugged in elsewhere in the house or in the same connection. If the modem still can't find a dial tone, check the modem properties under the "Connection" tab and untick the box labelled "Wait for Dial Tone before dialling". Note: If there is a fault with your phone line, your modem will now appear to dial but will still fail to connect.

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