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DNS and Proxy

Q. Do I need any proxy settings?

No, Chariot customers no longer need to set any proxy servers in their Internet connection. In fact, if you DO have proxy settings enabled you may encounter problems when surfing the web. Make sure you do not have any proxy settings in Internet Options. You can check how to do this under the 'Browser' section of the Chariot Software Setup Guide.

Q. What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. Its job is to tell your computer where to find other computers on the internet.

Each computer on the web is given a unique IP address. These addresses are used to identify every computer on the Internet. The computer that hosts Chariot netconnects web page in South Australia has the IP address of, so if you wanted to view the webpage you could type this address into your web browser.

The problem is, its pretty hard to try and remember the ip addresses of all your favorite web pages, so to make life easier we give them names like This is called a domain name. Domain names make more sense to people than IP address, but they make no sense at all to computers.

This is where the DNS comes in. The DNS contains a mapping of all domain names to their IP addresses. When you type in the name, your computer asks the DNS server what the IP address of this name is, and is then able to get the webpage. Without a DNS server, your computer wouldn't know where to find webpages, and you'll end up with a 'Server not found' error.

Q. Do i need any DNS settings?

No, ideally you don't need to set any DNS settings in your Internet connection. When you connect to Chariot we automatically set the correct DNS information for you. However, if you are having problems displaying webpages you may want to try manually setting the DNS servers. The primary DNS is, and the secondary DNS is

Check the 'Dial up Connection' section of our Software Setup Guide for details on where to find these settings on your computer.

If you have a question that you would like answered, email us at, and include FAQ in the subject.

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