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User Web Pages

Q. About Your User Web Site

When you sign up with Chariot, you're provided with twenty megabytes of disk space, which you can use to publish any (legal, non-offensive) information you like!

Your User Web Site Address will be : http://users.domainname/~username/*

*Where domainname refers to the suffix of your email address, ie will be

Your main page should be named index.html

If you are not sure of your username and password to log in with you can find them on your 'Chariot User Settings Guide' or call Chariot for assistance.

Q. Creating A User Web Site

It's very easy to create your own web pages, particularly if you have an HTML editor such as HomeSite, Netscape, Hot Dog, HoTMetaL, or Microsoft FrontPage (just to name a few). Check our Tucows Server for software you can download. If you need further assistance in creating a professional looking site, there are a large number courses available from community, adult and tertiary education institutions.

Q. Uploading Your User Web Site

Hostname: users.domainname*
Username: full email address (eg.
Password: your account password

*Where domainname refers to the suffix of your email address, ie will be

To upload your webpages you will need an FTP program, these work in a manner similar to Windows Explorer, on one side of your screen you can see the directories and files on your hard-drive and on the other you can see the directories and files on our server. Once the FTP program has connected to our server it is simply a matter of "dragging" the files from your computer into your directory on our server.

You can download FTP software such as WS-FTP and Cute-FTP from our Tucows Server

Q. Adding a Hit Counter on my User Web Site

Quite often you will see little graphic "counters" on web pages. The purpose of these counters it to track how many times a given page has been accessed.

Add this code to the body of your HTML code.

To ensure that you have a counter that counts only the hits to your homepage, make sure that you replace the 'test.dat' in my examples with your username.dat, in the same way that I have done to put the counter on this page.

This would produce something the same as the counter below.

To change the look of your counter, click here.

Q. Adding a Form to your User Web Site

It's easy to create a form on your web page, and have it submitted to your email box. You might want customers to fill out an order form, get people to participate in a survey, get feedback about your site, or just have people send you mail when they visit.

Whatever the reason, forms are easy to create, and the results of the form can be sent directly to your email account.

The instructions for actually creating a form are outside the scope of this document. This document describes how to get the form to mail itself to you, once you've got it looking right.

For Instructions on how to create a Feedback form can be found HERE

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