Thursday 27th Jan, 2022

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Dial-up Settings

Server Phone Numbers
0198 333 550
This number is a local call from almost anywhere in Australia.

Chariot is not responsible for call connection charges and cannot guarantee the call rate that you will be charged when using the number provided. We urge you to check with your Telecommunications carrier to confirm call charges when dialing into our access number (Telstra 1300 362 162).

Username and Password
When dialing this number you must login with your full Chariot email address in order to successfully authenticate. ie: [email protected]

If you are not sure of your username and password to log in with you can find them on your 'Chariot User Settings Guide' or call Chariot for assistance.

Domain Name Servers
Domain Name Server are automatically assigned

Home Page

Proxy Servers
Not used at Chariot so leave settings blank

SMTP & POP Server

News Server


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