Spam Assassin - Mail Setup

Chariot uses the SpamAssassin program to scan all email that passes through our mail server. If the program thinks the message is likely to be spam, it will tag the subject line with the word "[SPAM]".

Once the messages have been tagged, Chariot users can then configure their email program to automatically send these messages to a dedicated spam folder. This prevents your inbox from being cluttered with spam mail. Periodically you can go to your spam folder, look over the messages there and then delete anything that you don't want to keep.

You should keep in mind that non-spam messages could end up being tagged with the [SPAM] marker, so it not wise to configure your filters to automatically delete tagged mail. If you notice that only junk messages are being tagged you may wish to increase your level of filtering.

First please activate the Chariot Spam Filtering through our online account tools.


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