Thursday 27th Jan, 2022

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Security Information

Security Information

New, harmful viruses are discovered every day. To ensure your computer remains protected from viral threats, Chariot recommends you update your anti-virus software definitions on a weekly basis. We also suggest you check the following security websites regularly:

Symantec Security Response
F-Secure Computer Virus Info Centre
Microsoft Windows Update (As a minimum all critical security patches should be installed - these are the updates Microsoft have deemed vital to the operating system.)

If you believe your system to be infected by a virus, we recommend you scan your system immediately to prevent data loss, damage and further infections. If you do not have an up-to-date virus scanner, the following links may be of use:

Symantec Security Check (online virus scanner)
Symantec Virus Removal Tools

The Security Alerts box at right lists the latest and most widespread viruses currently identified by Symantec Security Response.

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