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By entering into this Agreement you are entitled to access the Internet via the service ("the Service") provided by Chariot Pty Ltd ACN 088 377 860. "The service" does not include provision of transmission lines, hardware or software (unless specifically agreed to by Chariot).


This subscription agreement is intended only as a summary of Chariot's standard terms and conditions. Your use of the Service is governed by Chariot's standard terms and conditions and the Acceptable Use Policy, which can be accessed from Chariot's web sites or obtained from Chariot's offices. Chariot strongly recommends that You read them and be aware of Your rights and obligations.


Chariot may at any time change these terms and will notify You with 14 days notice of any changes taking effect. Chariot will post notices of any changes on its web site. You must regularly check Chariot's web site to be informed of any changes, which may affect you.


Fees and payment terms will vary depending on the plan of Service that You apply for. You must at all times abide by those particular terms:

Fees for block hour purchases and pre-paid plans are charged in advance. Such services will not be available until the appropriate fees have been received by Chariot; fees are non-refundable if you terminate this Agreement. Should the use of an account exceed the pre-paid accumulation, an overtime rate and charge may be applied.

For plans where fees are invoiced in arrears for services provided, the fees are payable fourteen (14) days after the date of invoice. Where fees are overdue, the service may be suspended and interest may be charged in accordance with Clause 7 of Chariot's full terms and conditions.

If you authorise Chariot to debit your credit card account, the fees will be deducted in accordance with the services you have registered for and at the rate published on Chariot's website.

Fees for the service may be increased/decreased and/or the charging mechanism may be varied on a volume basis or flat basis where at any time such charges are imposed upon Chariot by network, data and/or infrastructure providers or any other Network or Service Provider, in relation to the provision of the service to the subscriber.


You must not permit unauthorised access to Chariot's computer system through your or any other person's computer system, or use the Service to engage in any illegal activity (criminal or civil) or in an irresponsible manner.

Unless supervised by a responsible adult You must be at least 18 years of age to use the Service. You must not permit offensive or R-rated material to be accessed by minors.


You must keep your password and login procedures confidential. If you fail to do so you will be responsible and liable for any authorised or unauthorised charges incurred on your account. You must notify Chariot immediately of any unauthorised use and understand that your password will be changed immediately by Chariot. You must ensure that your computer and modem properly log off from Chariot's system. You will remain responsible for any and all fees and/or login charges invoiced by Chariot for all logins.


You must always indemnify Chariot from and against any claim bought by a third party directly or indirectly as a result of your use of the service, breach of this Agreement, breach of any licensing terms that apply to software that you use. Telecommunication charges incurred by the user when connecting to Chariot's Internet services remain the sole responsibility of the user. The user should, therefore, at all times be aware of the cost of calls and the nature of those calls (eg local, long distance, international etc.)


Chariot may conduct searches and review Your credit records to determine Your credit worthiness. Chariot undertakes to ensure, insofar as is practicable, that your account on Chariot's system, and all matters related thereto will be kept private and confidential. Chariot may use Your personal information for the furtherance of the Service or for its own business.


A break in the service may occur at any time for any reason including maintenance and repair. Chariot will restore breaks in the service as soon as reasonably possible. Chariot is not liable for any damage or loss you suffer as a result of any information you store, download or transfer on your computer or on Chariot's computer system;


This Agreement will be for one year unless Chariot agrees to renew the Agreement each subsequent year (such agreement evidenced by ongoing provision of the service)


This Agreement will be for a minimum period of one year. You may terminate the Agreement by providing 30 days' written notice or immediately by written notice if there is a change to the terms and conditions, which you find unacceptable. Chariot may terminate the Service immediately without notice if you breach any of your obligations under this Agreement.


Any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement or any concerns you may have about CHARIOT"S services pursuant to this Agreement CHARIOT strongly recommends that you contact CHARIOT'S help desk as soon as possible. CHARIOT will endeavour to assist you with any problems relating to the Service provided that You are not in breach of Your obligations under this Agreement. CHARIOT will use its best effort to resolve any complaints you may have.

In the event that You and CHARIOT fail to reach an agreement CHARIOT recommends that you contact the Office of Fair Trading in your capital city and/or the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. These are independent bodies, which may be able to assist You with Your concerns or complaints. In addition, You may have certain inalienable rights under the Trade Practices Act 1977 (C'th) or such other Commonwealth or State legislation. This Agreement should be read as being subject to and shall not override any such statutory rights.


This Agreement is governed by the laws of Australia.